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Wellness for

Health  & Beauty

Indulge yourself with our relaxing

Wellness product

SPA: Make your own a little paradise. Help stress relief at your personal space. Feeling Relax and enjoy our Spa product at your home or wherever you need.

SLEEP: Dreaming of perfect and peaceful sleep is no longer an imagination. Let our sleep product take you to sleep and experience full resting.

SHOWER: Let’s turn ordinary showering to unforgettable impression. We offer variety product for specific need of showering each time.

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S p a

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Towel Scrunchies

Dry your hair easily without heat damage from Hair Dryer. Soft and Comfortable. Suit for

all hair types.

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Spa Hair Towel

Fast and Frizz free hair drying. Very gentle to your hair. Extremely soft and made from fine Micro fiber.

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Hair Towel Cap

Styling and enjoy your daily home spa with very soft and comfortable Hair towel cap. Great fit and Very easy to use.

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Bow Scrunchies

Ultra soft Towel Bow Scrunchy. Match to every outfit and suit for all hair type from fine to

thick hair.

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Spa Headband

Beautiful way to keep your hair in place when wash face or do beauty routine. Super soft and very adorable.

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Wade of top quality material. Variety fit with quick adjust velcro. Best way to keep your hair in place when applying make up.

S l e e p

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Soft and shiny satin scrunchy come with multi pastel soft and smooth color. Convenient to use in multi hair styling. Match well to every outfit.

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Eye mask

Ultra soft Eye Cover Eyeshade for relaxing sleeping. Elastic Starp headband keep eyemask in place and sleep tight

though the night.

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Bow Scrunchies

Silk satin Scrunchy with tail perfect for playful hair styling. Top knot or long pony hair style all great with it.

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Sleep Cap

Silky Sleep Cap help the effects of friction throughout the night. Good for all hair type from Thin Thick or Curly hair.

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Pillow Case

Feel luxury sleeping with soft satin pillow case. Well protect your hair and your skin

while sleeping.

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Sleep Set

Reward yourself with nice sleep set. Experience perfect sleep by yourself and can share

as a gift to others.

S h o w e r

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Shower Cap

Waterproof Shower cap. designed with ruffle and stretchable elastic band makes the shower cap fit most

head sizes.

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Waterproof scrunchy. designed especially to use with wet hair and  let you enjoy the most of shower time.

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Loofah Pad

Scrub your worries away and feel relaxation at your finger tips. Experience clean and clear

skin after shower.

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Loofah Back Scrubber

Easy to have clean back with Loofah back scrubber. Natural Loofah give lightly abrasive and smooth rub.

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Shower Set

Complete ultimate shower time with Shower set. Everything you need to enjoy showering

are all there.

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Shower Set

in Bamboo Basket

Beautiful Shower set perfect for gifting and perfect for your own relaxing shower time.


The Scent



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Polyester Yarn is made with used plastic bottles which are ready to be recycled, they are cut, chopped, and melted, then formed into flakes. 100%


Yumark Thailand is a company aims to save the environment and extended landfill through delivering recycling fabrics made from fabric and PET bottle wastes.


Organic textiles are certified textiles made from fibers that are grown in controlled and constantly monitored conditions where no chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides are used and soil and water where the plants are grown are constantly checked for deviation. The fabrics are processed using organic compounds, which are not harmful to the environment. The fabric should have at least 95% of organic fibers to be certified organic. 


Yumark Thailand is the company which concern the environment and meet responsible management in the world. " Think Earth " is become the concept

to create

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